Workshops & Courses

Workshops to assist parents in the challenging behaviours of their children or adolescents:
Workshops & Courses
  • “Taming the Tiger” for parenting Angry/Oppositional children and adolescents;
  • “Developing the Sensitive Nature” for parenting Anxious and low Self-Esteem children and adolescents;
  • “Assisting the Energetic and Hyperactive Temperament” for parenting ADHD children and adolescents;
  • “It Takes Two” for parenting siblings in conflict.
Workshops for assisting parents in learning new parenting styles:
  • “Successful Parenting” for Discipline, Communication and building Self-Esteem;
  • “1-2-3 Magic” for managing “STOP” behaviours such as back chatting, whining, arguing and tantrums;
  • “More 1-2-3- Magic” for developing “START” behaviours to encourage Good Behaviour, Independence and Self-Esteem;
  • “Engaging Adolescents” for connecting with your teenager;
  • “Co-Parenting for the Separated and/or Blended Families.”
Workshops & Courses
Workshops for assisting children in:
Workshops & Courses
  • “Fear Fighters” to help the anxious and sensitive child;
  • “Dragon Tamers” to gain anger management techniques;
  • “Relationship Guru” to help build social skills;
  • “Blues Busters” to help with depression and low Self-Esteem.
  • “Study Skills” to help enhance the study process and eliminate stress.
Specialised workshops for children with Aspergers/High Functioning Autism in:
  • “Fear Fighters”
  • “Dragon Tamers”
  • “Relationship Guru”

Please contact our office for further information and workshop dates.