Leslie Keast Patch – Learnersaurus Director and Dyslexia Specialist Presents Workshop at “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX” EXPO

Townsville’s Learning Challenges Expo has Leslie Keast-Patch presenting a workshop 1pm – 4pm on “Understanding Dyslexia” at the Expo: UNDERSTANDING DYSLEXIa
“Once there is a clear understanding of what dyslexia is, those working with the dyslexic learner (parents, teachers and teacher aides) can identify the traits and provide more appropriate support. When we have a more definite profile of the learner, we can then use the appropriate strategies and methods to assist the dyslexic learner. The first stage is to know what you are looking for! In this session we will gain knowledge in the history and understanding of what dyslexia is, profile the dyslexic learner, and learn to use alternative methods and resources for assisting the learner both in the classroom and at home.
What’s good for dyslexic learners is also good for other students as well! Suitable for teachers, parents and teacher aides:”
To attend the Workshop will need you to register at:
http://www.learnersaurus.com/events/2016/9/10/townsville-learnersaurus-workshops” or jump onto her webpage and go to the events page.

Leslie will also have free information sessions and a presentation at 10am for those wishing to learn more about becoming a Learnersaurus counsultant. Do you know about Learnersaurus? The Learnersaurus resources and literacy programs have been specially designed to suit the dyslexic learner, but they are also excellent as a support for any learner who is struggling to acquire literacy skills. In this session, Leslie will explain how the resources work and give an overview of the licensing opportunity.

Leslie is the the founder and visionary of all that Learnersaurus is. Her studies, passion to help learners (and fueling herself with chocolate!) are what makes Learnersaurus what it is today.

For over 30 years, Leslie worked as a teacher, a learning support teacher and music specialist in schools. Leslie saw the frustration and concerns that parents and teachers endure when their capable students continue to struggle to acquire literacy skills after several years of schooling. Through her research, experience and work with students of all ages and abilities, it was clear there was a need to create alternative learning programs to provide opportunities for literacy learning.

In 2008, Leslie created Learnersaurus in Brisbane, to provide a solution for teachers, parents and students through personalised coaching, workshops and specialised resources. In her search for more evidence based research and practice, in 2011, Leslie completed Postgraduate studies through Dyslexia Action (University of York) in the UK.

Come and be part of Townsville’s Learning Challenges Expo and start “Thinking Outside the Box” to help our children.

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