-        What is Irlen Syndrome?

-        What causes it?

-        What are the symptoms.

-        How it can be managed using the Irlen method and tinted filters for glasses.

-        How Irlen relates to learning difficulties, Dyslexia, Autism and ADHD.

Townsville Irlen Diagnostic Service  identify those with Irlen Syndrome and prescribe tinted filters for glasses to manage the difficulty.

12% of the population experience Irlen symptoms. Irlen can be a lifetime barrier to learning affecting academic and work performance, behaviour, attention, ability to sit still and concentrate.  These individuals often experience difficulty reading, copying, fatigue, headaches, sore eyes, dizziness and stomach aches.


Talk NQ Speech Pathology

The presentation by Speech Pathologists, Talk NQ will answer the questions:

-        What is oral language,

-        Why is it important for literacy development,

-        How can a speech pathologist support oral language and literacy development?

Talk NQ strive to provide a caring professional service in both paediatric and adult fields of speech pathology.

As qualified speech pathologists, they have received specific training to assess, diagnose and treat children with communication and literacy difficulties. In keeping with the ethos of Talk NQ Speech Pathology, they adopt a holistic approach to try to maximise your child’s communication potential within the home and school environments.

Speech Pathologists at TalkNQ Speech Pathology offer over 17 years combined experience so you know your child will receive high quality professional care.

They have 5 clinics across North Queensland and also offer convenient speech pathology services to clients and their families in rural and regional areas through the use of tele-health.