THINKING OUTSIDE THE SQUARE – Learning Challenges Expo


10th September 2016
10am to 3pm
RSL Club, 139 Charters Towers Road,
Hermit Park. QLD. 4812

Only 1 week to go for Townsville’s first Learning Challenges Expo featuring Professionals who assist the Learning Challenged including Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Behavioural Optometrists, Irlen Specialists, Multi-Sensory Dyslexic Tutors, Learnersaurus Director, Technology Advisor and more.

Professionals will be available at individual booths for information with admission free between 10am and 3pm on the 10th of September at the RSL Club on Charters Towers Road. Workshops will be available by Leslie Keast-Patch, Director of Learnersaurus and Julie Tasker, Technology Expert on that day. Registration details to follow.

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Townsville-Learning Challenges Expo – 10th September – SAVE THE DATE!!


Thinking Outside the Square – Learning Challenges Expo encompasses 9 varying Professional disciplines and 3 support agencies assisting with the Diagnosis and Management of Learning Disorders including Dyslexia, Autism, ADHD etc. With over 20 professionals available to provide information, presentations, workshops and consultations in the one place at the same time – this is an opportunity not to be missed for parents, teachers and those assisting our children with learning challenges.


Leslie Keast Patch – Learnersaurus Director and Dyslexia Specialist Presents Workshop at “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX” EXPO

Townsville’s Learning Challenges Expo has Leslie Keast-Patch presenting a workshop 1pm – 4pm on “Understanding Dyslexia” at the Expo: UNDERSTANDING DYSLEXIa
“Once there is a clear understanding of what dyslexia is, those working with the dyslexic learner (parents, teachers and teacher aides) can identify the traits and provide more appropriate support. When we have a more definite profile of the learner, we can then use the appropriate strategies and methods to assist the dyslexic learner. The first stage is to know what you are looking for! In this session we will gain knowledge in the history and understanding of what dyslexia is, profile the dyslexic learner, and learn to use alternative methods and resources for assisting the learner both in the classroom and at home.
What’s good for dyslexic learners is also good for other students as well! Suitable for teachers, parents and teacher aides:”
To attend the Workshop will need you to register at:” or jump onto her webpage and go to the events page.

Leslie will also have free information sessions and a presentation at 10am for those wishing to learn more about becoming a Learnersaurus counsultant. Do you know about Learnersaurus? The Learnersaurus resources and literacy programs have been specially designed to suit the dyslexic learner, but they are also excellent as a support for any learner who is struggling to acquire literacy skills. In this session, Leslie will explain how the resources work and give an overview of the licensing opportunity.

Leslie is the the founder and visionary of all that Learnersaurus is. Her studies, passion to help learners (and fueling herself with chocolate!) are what makes Learnersaurus what it is today.

For over 30 years, Leslie worked as a teacher, a learning support teacher and music specialist in schools. Leslie saw the frustration and concerns that parents and teachers endure when their capable students continue to struggle to acquire literacy skills after several years of schooling. Through her research, experience and work with students of all ages and abilities, it was clear there was a need to create alternative learning programs to provide opportunities for literacy learning.

In 2008, Leslie created Learnersaurus in Brisbane, to provide a solution for teachers, parents and students through personalised coaching, workshops and specialised resources. In her search for more evidence based research and practice, in 2011, Leslie completed Postgraduate studies through Dyslexia Action (University of York) in the UK.

Come and be part of Townsville’s Learning Challenges Expo and start “Thinking Outside the Box” to help our children.

Julie Tasker – Assistive Technology Advisor presents Workshop and Presentation at THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX !!

” THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX” – Learning Challenges Expo – Townsville Update:
Julie Tasker, Specialist Literacy Teacher and Assistive Technology Advisor will be presenting a workshop at 11am titled:
‘Assistive Technology – an introduction to different forms of assistive technology to support learners of all ages on iPad and Laptop. Text-to-speech, Text prediction & phonetic spell-checking, Speech Recognition and software to assist in organisation will be demonstrated.’
The cost for this informative workshop is $45 and is suitable for parents, teachers and aides. Registration will be necessary and you can register with Julie on her link:

Julie will also present a free presentation at 10am titled:
‘Text-to-Speech: what is it and how should it be used?’
‘Text-to-Speech is one of the most basic forms of assistive technology but is one of the most under-utilised. This demonstration will discuss the best ways to use TTS and the software will be demonstrated on iPad and laptop.’

There are so very many technology advances to help our children with Learning Challenges – and Julie is able to answer your questions thoroughly.
Thinking Outside the Box!! 10th September.

On Friday 9th September, Julie will be doing a Workshop “IPad for LD Boot Camp for Teachers and Parents” – 9:30 to 12:30pm. The Cost is $165 and you can obtain more information and register at:

Julie Tasker will also conduct a 3hour ‘Bootcamp’ for teachers and parents to teach them how to use a toolkit of apps to help a student with Learning Difficulties/Differences achieve potential.

As a hands-on workshop each attendee will need to bring an iPad loaded with the following apps:

  • Active email account
  • ClaroPDF Pro
  • Audionote Lite version
  • Creative Book Builder- Lite
  • Explain Everything
  • Spell Better- Free version

The following forms of Assistive Technology will be used:

  • Text-to-Speech
  • Phonetic Text Prediction
  • Phonetic Spell Checking
  • Voice Capture
  • Voice Recording for accessibility

A Bluetooth keyboard and stylus are recommended accessories.

Places are limited- see to register. An invoice will be sent and payment is required within 48 hours to book a place. The workshop will be conducted at The Dyslexia Support Centre, 12 Burton St, Townsville. Friday 9th September 9.30am to 12.30pm

Directions Workshop – Social – Emotional and Behavioural Assessment and Diagnosis of Learning Disorders at THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX Expo

Jutta Dempsey, Psychologist with over 30 years experience, and Chelsea Corbett, Provisional Psychologist will present the Social – Emotional and Behavioural indicators of a Learning Disorder and how these often will pre-empt the diagnosis of a Learning Disorder. Children and Adolescents often present with anger, anxiety, defiance, depression and low self-worth while seemingly doing “OK at school – getting C’s” and yet psychological assessment clearly shows that they are underachieving. Life for the child and family swirls out of control when a diagnosis for parents and teachers easily identifies the cause and pathway to management and success.

This Workshop will allow Parents and Teachers to fully understand the indicators of Learning Disorders and the assessments required to diagnose and understand the possible management strategies available to assist the child whether that be a Dyslexic, Dysgraphic, Aspergers / Autistic, Gifted and Talented, CAPD, ADHD difficulty or a combination.

EXPO PRESENTATIONS: Neurofeedback Therapy helping ADHD, Autism, Learning Disorders

Ever wondered about the new technology “The Brain That Changes”? Neurofeedback Therapy is leading the field in Regulating the Brain to permanently help ADHD, Autism, Leaning Disorders, Anxiety, Depression and PTSD. Neurofeedback Therapist and Psychologist, Jutta Dempsey will present the procedure that helps so many children and families (as well as adults) deal with a “deregulated brain” and the behaviours, emotions and learning difficulties that are the inevitable result.

EXPO PRESENTATION : How to become a Learnersaurus Consultant – Leslie Keast Patch

Leslie will also have free information sessions and a presentation at 10am for those wishing to learn more about becoming a Learnersaurus consultant. Do you know about Learnersaurus? The Learnersaurus resources and literacy programs have been specially designed to suit the dyslexic learner, but they are also excellent as a support for any learner who is struggling to acquire literacy skills. In this session, Leslie will explain how the resources work and give an overview of the licensing opportunity.

EXPO PRESENTATION: Processing Sensory Information – Jillian Ballantyne – Occupational Therapist

“Getting a grasp on the positive & negative impacts of processing sensory information so that learning can not only happen but be a pleasure”.

Jillian Ballantyne is the Director of  Occupational Therapy Making Progress. Occupational Therapy Making Progress Pty Ltd, established in 2005, is made up of an enthusiastic and dynamic team of Occupational Therapists who are providing daily interventions & hope for people of all ages with learning challenges. We use an individual & strengths focus in our clinical practice with consideration of far, far more than just hand writing!! Our interventions are provided from our practices in Hermit Park & Ayr as well as external consultations into environments the client attends including school, university and work.


With thanks.



Dyslexia, Dysgraphia and Dyscalculia – what are they are what are reasonable accommodations which can be made in a classroom?

Marion, a former School Principal both here and Internationally, is the Executive officer of Speld Qld.

Speld is  a not for profit organisation meeting the needs of learners across the State.

Speld is supported by the Department of Education and is recognised as the leading provider of services particularly around dyslexia.

Speld provides assessments, professional development and workshops for State, Catholic and Independent schools around the State